Our Red River New Mexico Vacation

Red River New Mexico Vacation Rentals

This lodge is situated just off a river with all the beauty of mountain living. My husband and I go every year and often multiple times a year as life allows. Its well worth the drive as the town has lots to offer.

The inn keepers (last name Pattersons) are absolutely wonderful. Larry guides fishing and even took us on a four-wheeling trip up Greenie Peak. His wife, Terry is also great. She is generous and the last four times we have stayed there, she has offered to have us join them for dinner–often something we wouldn’t cook ourselves.

Our last stay was during Labor Day Weekend. We were able to take another couple who was equally pleased with our “treasure find.”

The lodge is clean and each room is themed. Even down to the bath towels, nothing is bland–every room we have stayed in has colorful towels to match the decor (not the plain jane, white, scratchy towels you find at other places in Red River).

We often choose a kitchenette for the ease of having a place to store sodas and bottled water, however, the smaller units are great as well. We personally have stayed in rooms 1, 10 and 7.

I would highly recommend this hotel if you’re looking for a quick weekend trip, a longer stay, and definitely over the holidays.

You’ll be pleased to find the service, rooms, and staff personality exceed your expectations!

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