Red River Summer Vacation

Red River New Mexico Summer Vacation

Well, summer break has come to an end.  We were blessed to be able to take a family vacation at the first of August, and we had a wonderful time making memories together.  We camped at a family-oriented campground in southern Colorado for seven days, and we were able to hike and explore, fish, relax, ride horses, ride in paddle boats, and just enjoy being together.  The older three kids went with their dad for a two-day primitive camping experience to Archuleta Lake.  Since their trip coincided with the Perseid meteor showers, there was an awesome display of beauty in the night sky.

Our family met some friends at Great Sand Dunes National Park for a day, and the more adventurous ones of the group hiked to the top of the largest dune.  Then we spent a couple of days with these generous friends in their cabin in Red River, New Mexico.  Two of us even joined them on their hike to the top of Wheeler Peak, the highest point in New Mexico.  On our way home from vacation we visited Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, and we all enjoyed the amazing trails winding for miles underground through the seldom-seen water carvings and creations of God.  It was like a great subterranian cathedral!  We ate dinner at the park and stayed until dusk, when thousands of Brazilian Free-Tailed bats spiral up from the caverns and out over the desert to search for insects all night.  It was quite a memorable experience for the whole family.

Just before we left for vacation, Masha’s friend, Natasha, and her family were able to stop by while traveling through our area.  The girls had a wonderful time catching up.  Face to face communication is so much more fun than by phone or Skype!

Masha’s verbal skills in English continue to amaze us.  We still explain things spoken too quickly for her, but her comprehension is phenomenal.  People who have just met her cannot believe she has been here under six months.  As she begins school, we know her reading and writing abilities will catch up quickly to her verbal ability.

We thank God for His continued goodness and grace in our lives.  Please continue to pray for all of us as we learn and grow together.

We will update again soon with information about school.

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