The Entire Family Hits Red River New Mexico on Vacation

Red River New Mexico Vacation Rentals

As a child my family would go to Red River New Mexico for vacation, especially those vacations that included extended family members. We would fish, hike, shop and just enjoy the wonder that is Red River.

Red River sits in the Southern Rockies, part of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range in Taos County New Mexico.  In the winter, there’s great skiing and summer time is all about fishing, hiking and ATVs.  Of course throw in live music, green chilies and fresh air and you have a great vacation any time of year!

Our family reserved the bottom floor of the main building of the Lazy Miner Lodge.  There’s an area with a swing set, BBQ grills, horse shoes and picnic tables to enjoy the outdoors.  The Lazy Miner is just 50 yards from the river, we fed ducks and skipped rocks!  Our rooms weren’t of the diamond resort standard, but were nice and the owners were there to help with any issues and/or questions we had. We had enough room for all 16 of us and even got to play family games like Headbanz too!

Dining out with 8 is hard enough, but try 16!  Our party included 8 adults, 4 teenagers and 4 children, talk about scaring a waiter as we walk in any restaurant door! With the kitchen and BBQ grills at the Lazy Miner, we able to take care of breakfast, lunch and snacks, but for dinner we wanted to eat out.  Two restaurants that can handle 16 hungry people coming in at once, as well as their other patrons are Texas Reds and Capo’s Corner Restaurant! Both establishments were able to handle the 16 of us, Capo’s did it without a call ahead reservation too.

Each and every year we try our hand at climbing the rock wall.  My wife added a twist this year!  Low man or woman on the wall, has to wear the t-shirt chosen by the person who climbs the highest/makes it to the top.  By the way, make it to the top and win $100.00!  Well I lost and got to wear this lovely pink, woman’s Monkey Business t-shirt! My wife and nephew (the winner) paraded me around in the pedal cart from Sitzmark Sports, I even got to wear it to dinner that night too!

We enjoyed tons of local shops, there’s something for everyone: Main Street Mercantile, Red River Trading Co. The Candy Crate, The Gold Nugget, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Frye’s Old Town and many more! Frye’s Old Town has a  “Gun Fight ” on Thursdays and Saturdays at 4:00pm (Summer only).

Our extended family brought the ATVs and a Jeep for some off-road adventures.  The first morning we headed out to Greenie Peak on the 4-wheelers and ranger.  We did our best to hit every mud puddle and on the way back to the lodge I got the ranger high-centered!!  There’s a story that gets better as my brother tells it!  On our second ATV adventure all 16 of us piled on and in the 4-wheelers, ranger and the jeep. I don’t know that I’ve seen a more motley crew of ATVers!  We headed out to Goose Lake and got no farther than a half mile and our nephew wheelin’ through the trees, jumping hills and spinning out on the corners, popped a tire on one of the 4-wheelers, as he gently tapped a large stone on the trail.  That story gets better every time I tell it!  Needless to say, three of the travelers had to return to Red River and get the tire repaired.  We made it to the top one of the most beautiful views we have seen, Goose Lake.  Of course it started to rain on us, without rain gear so we headed back down only to meet up with the three from our repair crew ready to head back to town to clean up and find some grub!  There are several places you can rent ATVs or Jeeps that you can drive yourself.  You can also rent a guided tour in a jeep or larger ATV as well.

If you visit during the summer you have to go fishing!   We visited Fawn Lakes for our fishing experience, we only caught two Rainbow Trout between the 16 of us. Not a good day fishing, but sure beat working!  We didn’t catch enough trout to have the traditional fish fry dinner, lots of fun (we also didn’t have to clean the fish either). The lakes had lots of chipmunks/ground squirrels and the kids loved feeding them, almost more than fishing, almost.

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