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Red River vacation destinations.

From the Chihuahuan desert, to the Rocky Mountains, to the famous dry lakebeds, to the spectacular canyons, New Mexico contains six of the seven recognized life zones on the planet! The Rio Grande runs through it and many hot springs bubble up from it.

A Red River vacation rental is the perfect way to experience the spicy mix that is New Mexico – from native cultures to the blend of Old West traditions. Red River’s art, soul & stories reside in its legendary western culture, historic sites and majestic mountains.

Red River Vacation RentalsA Red River vacation home offers access to top skiing & snowboarding, fly fishing, mountain biking, 4 wheeling and hiking.

Red River New Mexico, located north of Taos and just south of the Colorado border, is an unpolished gem that is worth exploring. Enjoy a ski lift that takes you from the Red River streets to the top of a family-friendly mountain. Fish the Red River or take a horseback ride into the aspen and pine woods. After all that exercise, you’ll be ready for some of the great down home cuisine offered at Red River.

The town of Red River began in earnest in the 1870s, when miners were drawn in by gold strikes in the area and trappers sought game. It was named after the perennial stream, Red River, that flowed through the town, coming from the northern slopes of Wheeler Peak. By 1895, Red River was a booming mining camp, with gold, silver, copper, and molybdenum in some abundance, and a population estimated at three thousand. The mines shut down a few years later. The population waned, but the town survived. By the 1930s, the remaining residents turned to tourism as their principal economic livelihood.

Red River Vacation RentalsThe Rio Colorado, or “Red River,” is stocked with more trout than any other public river in the nation. (You may wish to make a side trip to the fascinating fish hatchery 15 miles away.) Varieties include cutthroat and rainbow trout. Don’t forget that you’ll need a special license to fish here. Half-day, full-day, and special five-day licenses are available.

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